Machine Brokerage

If you have machinery you are looking to replace or retire and want to ensure you are getting the a best financial return on its disposal. Mailroom Equipment can offer a Brokerage Service that gives a full written assessment of the machines and equipment that you would like to be sold. It’s purpose is to get a good price and ensures your equipment is viewed by a known list of Buyers that are currently in the market looking for machines. Its one of our most used services because it massively increases the return value and reduces the time frame in which equipment is waiting to be sold. Ideal for maintaining project time tables and budgets.

So let us walk you through our process:

The assessment involves taking photos and producing a full specification and condition report for each piece of equipment. Equipment will confirm the market value and agree monetary sales value parameters in writing with the seller, prior to beginning brokering process to potential buyers. Having assessed and audited the equipment, and confirmed the value of the equipment, we aim to achieve a high sales value per machine.

We will facilitate and manage any client interest in viewing the machines on a site with an agreed date and procedure. Ie. The site rules and site visits would be followed, overseen and co-ordinated by our selves on your behalf. Then we negotiate and report back to you any offers received. Once an offer is accepted we co-ordinate the decommissioning, removal of the machines and re-installation at buyers’ cost.

Should we not be successful in selling this equipment after three months, we can offer you a storage facility on our site which would be chargeable up front, but would allow us to continue looking for a buyer on your behalf. This is usually a last resort and is there to ensure you can avoid any delays in your project, in the event an install date for new equipment needs to be met. In addition to our duties above we will assist a Clients in removing and disposing of their unsalable redundant equipment.

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