Relocation of Equipment is often a necessity as companies grow and new equipment needs introducing and space is a factor. Mailroom Equipment provide a relocation service that will enable you to do just about anything, from moving Equipment a few meters to moving it overseas, we are here for you.

Relocating Mail Equipment is often seen as a big job, but as we can tell you, that’s not always the case. It depends on the parameters obviously, but an in-house move is often as simple as disconnecting the power, breaking the machine into segments and rebuilding it in its new location, ensuring it runs as well in its new place as it did in its old one. No need for shipping containers and haulage firms for these types of move then. But there is no need to worry about relocating to a new site either, as we can take the stress out of organising this too. The process for either of these is as straight forward as picking up the phone and asking.

On request we will give you an idea of time and cost based on the information you have available. If that peaks your interest, invite us over to take a look at the equipment you require moving. We will be able to check the machines over and ensure we have a full understanding of what needs to be moved and how the current setup is arranged. By the way, if you want its’ setup changed to fit its new location, we can do that. We can offer our advice, if you like, about how best it may fit in its new home too.

With the details noted we can give a very accurate costing and if agreeable we can then figure out time frames between us, to suit both parties. Once a time line is arranged. The next step is to create a written agreement and put the movement plan on paper. This plan is always bespoke to each job and is made to ensure that you know what is happening, when and that it is all on schedule.

If that sounds like an approach that fits your company, drop us a line or fill in the form below and we will help you figure it out.