Machine Maintenance

Did you know the actual cost for a breakdown is between 4 to 15 times the maintenance costs. 

Let’s be straight here, if you run a good maintenance schedule in-house you will save yourselves thousands of pounds in repairs and downtime costs. It may seem like there isn’t the time during busy days to leave the machines off for a short time to perform simple tasks like cleaning, greasing and oiling the appropriate parts of the machine. But those few minutes will save you money on so many levels its impossible to explain them all in one short statement. However, cleaning is the most basic of all, build up of dirt and debris leads to wear and straining of parts that lead to failure, it also prevents sensors for reading correctly, suction to fail and a host of other run errors whilst the machine is operating. The same can be said for oiling and greasing properly. Without lubrication parts get hot and weaken, they expand and cause wear to themselves and the parts they relate to, again these cause errors. 

 The result of bad maintenance spreads further too, cold setups don’t run correctly once the machine has warmed up, leading to time wasted in resetting the machine and reduced production. Constant errors due to ill cared for parts vibrating and wobbling, making the machine harder to setup in the first place, since the margin for error on machines running at high speeds is tiny. 

 Mailroom Equipment can’t stress enough how a good in-house maintenance schedule will make your life so much easier and cheaper. When it comes to the Quarterly Maintenance or you reach a machines Total Item Count Service Point, servicing of a machine becomes quicker and cheaper on both parts and Labour. Mailroom Equipment make money out of Companies that fail in this area, but, it is equally frustrating for us when customers are left with bigger bills than they would like and question the need for the repairs. and effectively our integrity. Therefore here in back and white we hope we have explained the importance of in-house maintenance. 

 So by all means, if you want to save money on maintenance just ask us how to care for your equipment. We will be happy to show you, where and when to do what. And when you do need a more in-depth servicing on your equipment you will know we have your bank balance in mind and aim to promote the positive work ethic we adhere to. 

 We want you to call us and we want it to be for the benefit of everyone involved. 

Call us or fill in the form and we will be happy to discuss any maintenance requirements. Contact us below to learn more.